McDowell Gold Jubilee opens this weekend

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Fate of long running show in question after November

For at least two more times, the McDowell Gold Jubilee will offer live music performances at the historic McDowell school, east of Purdy.

The longest running live music event in the area, the Gold Jubilee is open to players and singers, offering time slots until the evening is full. The hallmark of the event has been live gospel, bluegrass, folk and regional music.

Tony Hinkle, who plays with the Flyin' Buzzards, said the Gold Jubilee will be open Nov. 3 and 17, with music beginning at 6:30 p.m.

The event is free of charge. Donations are accepted.

Kenny Lewsader, who ran the event in recent years following Benny and Betty Henderson, decided not to reopen this fall. Hinkle said he has made arrangements to host the event in November. After that, Hinkle said the future of the Jubilee is uncertain. His performing schedule will keep him occupied elsewhere most Saturdays.

Persons interested in more information or available to assist keeping the Jubilee running are welcome to call Hinkle at 417-489-5422.

The school is located southeast of Monett on Highway Z to Pleasant Ridge, then south on Highway VV just north of the junction with Highway C, or three miles east of Purdy on Highway C, then north on Highway VV. The school is marked by the "Gold Jubilee" sign.

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