Cassville schools plan for facility renovations

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

District hopes to offer plans to public for vote by April

The Cassville school district routinely updates its buildings to offer best programs possible to its students, and now it hopes to make some larger renovations to offer more to students and the community.

Richard Asbill, Cassville school district superintendent, said the district’s capital projects plan is a five-year plan, and projects are identified from each building. Principals work with their teachers in developing a list of requests to be viewed by the capital projects committee.

“We have three board members that serve on a capital projects committee,” Asbill said. “Those board members work with the facility and operations director, and they request more information about the capital project requests that are sent in, to determine what fits in the five-year plan, or what is a building-level request.”

Asbill said the five-year plan projects are larger projects that include the city and voters.

“We have some large projects with facility renovations we would like to propose,” Asbill said. “A renovation of the old middle school, an add-on to the early childhood building, a drainage project for in front of the intermediate building and a new concession stand for the track and football field.”

Asbill said those are some large projects that the district would like the community to consider.

According to Asbill, some projects that a teacher or staff member may suggest, may not always go on the capital projects list. For example, if a teacher says they need a new set of classroom desks. While that is a capital projects fund purchase, that is a yearly purchase the district makes, so it is not something that would qualify as a five-year project.

“Currently, we have approved a new floor machine and carpet cleaner, for the custodial and maintenance department,” Asbill said. “We have some LED stage lighting as a request, some new playground equipment at the primary playground, scoreboards (softball, baseball, soccer and football) and exterior door replacements.”

Asbill said the committee is not there to say yes or no, instead to be an extra set of eyes and a voice to say, “Here are some things that we believe are important,” and to ask questions and clarify why are items being prioritized a certain way.

Asbill said the football and track concession stand has needed to be replaced for several years.

“It is publicly known the concession stand is in need of replacement,” Asbill said. “That replacement, will start at the end of football season.”

According to Asbill, one of the larger capital projects involves work with the city for a the drainage project in front of the intermediate school.

“It is about 500 feet, from the circle drive in front of the intermediate building to just below the playground, which floods significantly,” Asbill said. “The district plans to propose that there are two drainage pipes installed, so that 95 percent of the water run-off can be drained underground.”

Asbill said this will be a project requiring cooperation between the city of Cassville and Cassville school district. The project would conclude with a new sidewalk to just past the playground in front of the intermediate building, where the new drainage system would end.

Also on the list is the extension of four class rooms to the pre-school building.

“The extension will be four classroom that will have multiple uses,” Asbill said. “The rooms can be left as four separate classrooms, one large room and any other combination in between.”

The old middle school building that is currently be used as storage, an in-school suspension room and the Mercy clinic is in need of a complete renovation. The plan to be proposed would include, a complete demolition and rebuild on the interior, as well as attention to the outside brick and windows that have been replaced, but not been resealed properly.

Asbill said this would be an economic and planned phase project, which would start with the new concession stand, as a local project to begin in November or December. Next, would be the drain project, then, the extension on the pre-school building, and finally, the old middle school renovation.

Asbill hopes the school board will be able to propose project plans to the community to vote on in April. He said he expects the projects to be completed a year to a year-and-a-half after breaking ground.

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