Cassville freshmen win final game of season, 16-14

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Interception preserves 2-point victory over Marshfield

The freshmen’s last game of the season was a nail biter, with Cassville coming out on top in a 16-14 contest. 

The Wildcats kicked off to Marshfield, and the Cassville defense forced the Blue Jays to punt. The Wildcats embarked on a 13-play drive, scoring on a sweep. Cassville opted to go for 2, calling up a quarterback sneak for Cutter Hicks, who converted the try for an 8-0 lead. 

It was up to the defensive for the rest of the of the first half. In the last drive right before halftime, Marshfield scored a 2-yard touchdown. The Blue Jays attempted a 2-point conversion, as well, but fell short, giving the Wildcats an 8-6 lead at halftime.

The scoreline held through the third quarter, but the game heated up in the fourth. Cassville’s Farrell Okel snagged an interception and trotted 55 yards for a pick-6. Cassville nailed the 2-point conversion again to make the score 16-6. The Blue Jays’ next drive led them to the red zone, but the Wildcats forced a turnover, with Jostin Miller recovering a fumble.

Cassville then went three-and-out and was forced to punt, and the punt was blocked, giving the Blue Jays the ball at the 13-yard line. Marshfield scored in a few plays and got the 2-point conversion, bringing the score to 16-14.

The Blue Jays onside kicked and got the ball back with under a minute left in the game. Marshfield took a couple big shots at the end zone, and on the last play of the game, Hicks intercepted the ball to preserve the Wildcats’ win.

“Talk about a nail biter,” said coach Joshua Schmitt. “We are proud of this physical defensive game and for the freshman Wildcats ending the season on a win.”

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