Purdy struck with rash of vandalism

Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Purdy police are seeking two suspects who allegedly vandalized multiple properties. Contributed photo

Damage to school, church could lead to felony charges

Two suspects are being sought in Purdy for allegedly vandalizing several buildings in the city, including school and church property that could bring felony charges.

Jackie Lowe, Purdy police chief, said the events occurred at about 12:30 a.m. Monday, according to surveillance footage time stamps from cameras at First Baptist Church and the Genesis Building.

Purdy police are seeking two suspects who allegedly vandalized multiple properties. Contributed photo

“On city hall near the police department office, they painted profanities directed toward police and the word ‘Pigs,’ as well as references to ‘420 weed,’” Lowe said. “At First Baptist Church, they painted ‘Praise God’ on the side of the building. At the high school gym, they painted [profanities] on the glass doors, and they painted the same thing on the building near the superintendent’s office.

“At the fire station, they painted ‘Let it Burn’ and ‘420 weed.’ On a Purdy Farm Center trailer, they painted ‘Pigs Oink,’ ‘420’ and a picture of a chicken. And, on a table at the city park, they painted ‘Peis.’”

Lowe said police recovered a black winter glove, a tan working glove and a can of tan spray paint, which police believe was used at the school.

Police are investigating the incident, and a local businessman is offering a $500 cash reward for tips leading to the identification of the two suspects, their arrest and charges being filed.

“There are possible felony charges for vandalizing the school and the church,” Lowe said. “That would be institution vandalism. For the others, it depends on the cost of repair. We had to paint over the vandalism at city hall.”

Lowe said vandalism happens on occasion, but usually not on this scale.

“Everyone is pretty upset over what happened,” he said. “This will happen one in a while, but never as severe.”

Descriptions of the suspects are a white male with light colored hair, thin build, glasses and a lanyard dangling from his pocket, and another white male, short dark hair, thin build who is smoking a cigarette in the surveillance footage. Both men appear to be in their late teens to early 20s.

“The security video footage will be sent to a crime lab in an effort to enhance the video so that faces can be identified,” Lowe said.

Anyone with information about the suspects may contact Lowe at 417-442-3273.

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