Sales taxes mixed in July

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Most cities down, county makes 3 percent gain

Sales tax revenues to Barry County and its cities were mixed after five consecutive months of increased income, compared to a year ago, as many cities’ receipts in July saw a slight drop.

Of the seven Barry County cities collecting sales tax, only Washburn saw receipts rise for the month. Washburn's 1 percent sales tax produced $3,140.78, up by $677.48.

Cassville's 1 percent sales tax supporting the general fund generated $93,352.31, a drop of $1,988.79 for the month. Seligman saw the second largest drop after Monett, as its 1 percent general fund tax yielded $6,764.75, a drop of $6,374.82, or almost half of last July. Wheaton's 1 percent tax received $5,336.67, down $288.13. Exeter's 1 percent tax collected $1,561.81, a drop of $711.43.

Purdy's 1 percent sales tax paying general bills started its new fiscal year with $5,452.08 in July, comparable to the amount received in 2011 but down 29 percent from a year ago. Except for 2015, which was nearly double last July's amount, the latest sum was roughly an average of what the city has received in July for the last eight years.

Purdy's 2018 sum of $33,982.44 has lagged from recent trends, running $4,200, or 11 percent, under last year.

Monett saw its two sales taxes totaling 1 percent for paying general bills drop for the second consecutive month. The $215,190.60 sum was down $10,918.63, or nearly 5 percent, from a year ago. The total was, nonetheless, the third highest July amount on record.

In Monett's new fiscal year, with half the months seeing gains and half drops, the fiscal year total of $678,271 is the second highest on record, topped only by last year, which was 3 percent higher. The 2018 total of $1,161,034.25 is more than $32,000 under last year's pace.

Oddly, Barry County's countywide taxes did not mirror the dip of the cities. The two .5 percent taxes, for the general fund and road maintenance, each received more than $229,766, each up by around $6,400, or nearly 3 percent.

In the same manner, Barry County's separate sales tax supporting the 911 system received $172,326.80, a boost of almost $5,000 from a year ago. That brought the 2018 sum to $932,316.29, up by more than 1 percent.

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