Central Crossing Senior Center hosts ‘Flexibility and Balance’ program

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Central Crossing Senior Center has been offering a program called "Flexibility and Balance" for going on two years now, and the lives of the participants are being enhanced in many ways.

The program was conceived by former Administrator Sara Patterson and volunteer Karin Stanley. Both recognized area seniors could benefit from simple exercises and that by doing so, they could remain or extend their independence. The program was enthusiastically received and continues to be well attended to this day.

Patterson has moved from the area, but Stanley continues to hold the class Monday through Friday every week for about an hour commencing at 9:30 a.m.  

The daily program begins with the participants sitting and stretching, followed by muscle strengthening exercises. Afterwards, those who feel confident in doing so will stand and continue the exercises while those who are less so may remain seated. Either way, there are plenty of benefits enjoyed by the participants. The exercise programs may be printed out and some have shared the program with their doctors and have commented that the program mirrors what they have prescribed for other patients.  

Stanley’s passion and commitment are evident during the class and even just discussing the program and its benefit to those who participate. That passion is contagious and spills over to those who are exercising and it is perhaps another reason the class is so well received and attended.

Studies have shown that in addition to improving flexibility and strength, exercise helps to reduce anxiety and depression. So, those who like to laugh, meet fun people socialize and feel really good in the mornings are welcome to join.

The class is free, open to all ages and habit-forming.