Summer projects keep Cassville school staff busy

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Middle school has hallways painted, band room carpet replaced

Maintenance staff at the Cassville school district have been busy this summer doing work at all school campuses preparing for the coming school year.

Dusty Reid, director of facilities and operations, said along with routine summer work, there are some larger projects being undertaken.

“These aren’t bright, shiny projects, but it’s all stuff that needs to be done,” he said.

Larger projects include replacing 11 ground source heat pumps throughout the district, replacing the carpet in the middle school band room, building new ramps on both sides of the visitor bleachers at Wildcat stadium and painting the hallways at the middle school.

“Our custodians are painting all of the hallways in the middle school, trying to freshen and brighten things up,” Reid said. “And, we’re also replacing all of the lighting in those hallways with LED lights.”

Reid said a lot of the projects are being done with materials on hand, but the district is having to pay for some equipment. The heat pumps run about $3,200 each, he said, and the carpet for the middle school band room cost about $3,500 to $4,000. Reid said the district had a lot of paint on hand, but had to buy more, and the new coating is probably the most noticeable project this summer.

The heat pumps, he said, were past their life expectancy and needed to be replaced.

“When you have 65 HVAC units in one building [at the high school] and 200-plus throughout the whole district, it’s good to stay on top of them so you don’t have to replace a whole bunch at once,” he said. “We try to do at least 10 of those per year. Fortunately, we haves a qualified staff, including a licensed heat and air guy, to make these upgrades without hiring all this work out.”

Reid said the new ramps on the visitor bleachers at the stadium replaced old ramps which had some rotting lumber.

“The new ramps are less steep and have metal frames we made with wooden walkways,” he said.

A project that became more difficult than expected was the middle school band room carpet.

“We don’t know how many years ago that was put down, but whoever installed it used an all-purpose glue,” Reid said. “That made it extremely difficult to get the carpet out, and when we finally did, the glue left on the floor was difficult to remove. We had to rent a sander with carbide tips to get all of it off. The old carpet was in very poor condition, so we threw it away.”

Along with the bigger items, Reid said routine summer work is underway.

“We’re doing lots of routine maintenance on our coolers, water fountains and ice makers,” Reid said. “Furniture throughout the district will be cleaned, all the floors will be stripped and waxed, the carpets will be steam cleaned, the kitchen and offices will be cleaned and we’ll power wash some of the exteriors of buildings.”

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