Cassville schools makes $10,000 selling surplus equipment

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

District turns down offer to trade cash, gun case for brush hog

Governmental bodies often put up their surplus equipment for sale after they buy replacements, and sealed bids for surplus equipment are usually cash offers, except in the case of one offer made for the Cassville school districtís surplus brush hog.

After purchasing a 15-foot finish mower in 2016 and a new maintenance tractor this year, the district put its 2001 John Deere MX8 brush hog and its 50-horsepower 2001 John Deere tractor up for sealed bids.

The tractor received six bids ranging from $2,710 to $6,700. it was sold for the $6,700 to bidder Mike Schied. The brush hog received nine total bids ranging from $1,005 to $3,670. It was sold for the $3,670 to bidder Mike Whisler.

One person, Ty Carver placed two bids on the brush hog, the first for $1,525, and a second for $525 plus a gun case for trade. Dusty Reid, facilities and operations manager who opened the bids, said the gun case was worth about $1,000. Carver said he realized schools donít really need gun cases, but he thought the district could use it for storage of sensitive documents because it is fire rated.

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