Barry County Presiding Commissioner questionnaire: Gary Youngblood

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

1. What’s your vision for the long-term future of county dispatching?


Barry County Emergency Services E9-1-1 is a standalone political entity by State Statute (Missouri Revised Statute 190.335.8 ) that has no affiliation with the Barry County Commission. In looking towards the future of this valuable agency, I would look to the recent past when the voters of Barry County overwhelmingly demonstrated their support by first voting to establish the services in 2005 and subsequently approving a referendum in 2013. If elected Presiding Commissioner, I would follow the will of Barry County voters and personally support these crucial services.

2. If you were to win the presiding commissioner position, would you intend to run in future elections?  Is so, how many?

I would consider seeking at least two terms serving as the Barry County Presiding Commissioner, that is if the voters choose that path for me! I have certainly enjoyed serving the citizens of Barry County the last several years as the Clerk to the County Commission and it would be a pleasure to serve them as the Presiding Commissioner. Only God knows what our future holds!

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