Barry County Recorder of Deeds questionnaire: Rodger A. Emo

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

1. If you win the election, what are your plans for the future? Do you plan to continue running in future elections, and if so how many?


If elected, I plan on continuing in office as long as I feel I can contribute and make a difference for Barry County.

2. What is your experience with Real Estate and how will that help you in the recorder position? and How familiar are you with maps and reading for section, township and range?

My experience in Real Estate lending extends back to 1975 and moves forward to 2001. During that tenure of 26 years, I have booked and approved countless real estate loans, personal home loans, contruction loans, 2nd mortgage equity loans, business real estate loans to name a few. Iíve processed credit, ordered appraisals and reviewed entire appraisal reports. Iíve ordered title work from title companies and reviewed their report. Meteís and Bounds descriptions sometimes required surveys or at least boundary markers or what we call ďspot surveysĒ. Sometimes before ordering, we would check Assessorís Office for assessed valuations, check Collectorís Office to see if taxes current and checked the Recorderís Office to determine liens and to check the plat books. My overall experience compliments the Recorderís position because I am very familiar with deeds of trusts which are recorded at the Recorderís Office. Surveys are recordable and can be read and traced by plat maps to the position of the property which the Recorderís Office has. My lending experience gives me the advantage of 1) Recognizing the documents that are being recording. 2) Knowing the documents you are talking about to better interact with the customer and service his/her needs. 3) Already familiar with Surveys and how they can be recorded and possibly linked to owner of property, which I plan on checking to see if this is being done. 4) Know about Uniform Commerical Codes (UCCís) which are fililngs on personal property to perfect liens. These filings by banks and small loan companies are primarily seen on consumer loans but are recorded in the Recorderís Office. 5) My lending experience has also familiarized me with the Assessorís Office who sets the valuation on real estate and the Collectorís Office who taxes according to the valuation and how these two offices and the Recorderís Office work together. (6) I have also bought and sold real estate and have built homes for resale. I feel that my 25+ years in Consumer Finance and the Banking Industry along with my education makes me qualified to be your first elected Recorder of Barry County.

3. How comfortable are you with using computers and e-recording technology?

I have used computers for business and personal use and have found that even though you know how to use a computer, you still have to learn the programs and software pertaining to what you need it for. We live in the age of computers and electronic filing , where everything is going paperless and technology is changing all the time. A society where we have to adapt to constant software updates as well as new computer hardware. I have worked on various systems and have never had a problem learning the system. I am knowledgable on how e-recording works and feel confident that it will not be a problem and I look forward to the challenge and possibility of improving their system.

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