Barry County Recorder of Deeds questionnaire: Reese Hilburn

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

1. If you win the election, what are your plans for the future? Do you plan to continue running in future elections, and if so how many?


If I win the election, I do plan on running in future elections as well. I may in fact continue running even if I do not win. I have a strong desire to help my community and am not one to give up easy.

2. What is your experience with Real Estate and how will that help you in the recorder position? and How familiar are you with maps and reading for section, township and range?

I do not have experience with real estate however I am quite eager to learn. I am able to read maps quite well however. I donít know every skill that will be needed in the office of Recorder, however I look forward eagerly to the challenge ahead if I am elected.

3. How comfortable are you with using computers and e-recording technology?

I am extremely skilled with multiple computer systems and am always looking to expand my knowledge further. I have no doubt that I will do well with the Recorderís office software.

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