Carol Frost takes helm as Seligman mayor

Wednesday, June 27, 2018
Seligman Mayor Carol Frost, right, visits with Seligman Chamber of Commerce secretary Cleta Stanley, left, and others, about bringing housing, new businesses and infrastructure, including a gas company, to the city at a voter’s forum held at the Seligman Event Center June 7. Julia Kilmer/

Mayor aims to attract housing, clean up city

Carol Frost has taken the reins as Seligman’s mayor and set multiple goals for her term.

She replaces mayor pro tem Mike Avers, who filled the position in the interim after previous mayor Garry Thornton resigned in August of last year due to medical reasons.

A Seligman native, Frost was asked in April by the city council to file for the post.

Carol Frost took the reins as Seligman Mayor in April, replacing mayor pro tem Mike Avers. Julia Kilmer/

“They called to ask if I’d run for the position,” Frost said. “And, out of 27 people that voted, I got 20 of the votes.”

She not only has a longstanding history in the community, but a history serving it, helping coordinate and manage the Seligman Food Pantry, which began last year and continues to grow, and working with the Seligman Chamber of Commerce to accomplish ongoing goals of attracting new business and commerce to the city.

“My folks were the first to have a grocery store and gas station here,” she said. “We are working with Habitat for Humanity to try to bring some houses here. We have qualified for three houses, and get some apartments. A lot of the old houses [in the city] were bought and are being remodeled to rent.”

“I worked with Carol at the food pantry,” said Cleta Stanley, secretary for the Seligman Chamber. “I think she’ll get things done and be a good mayor. She’s interested in cleaning up the city, properties, and for helping the business community, getting homes built here, and highway infrastructure.”

One of her main goals is to beautify the city, Frost said.

“My main goal is to try to get some of the things in Seligman cleaned up,” she said, referencing some unsightly structures. “I’m just trying to come up with some way to clean them up, and another thing is getting the yards mowed.”

Frost provided an update on the city’s ongoing infrastructure repairs, which she is working with city council to accomplish.

“We’re updating the water system and also fixing the streets, including replacing some pipes,” she said. “The lagoon is doing good. The city got some equipment they put in.”

Frost said she welcomes calls from residents on any matters involving the city. She can be reached at 417-662-3887.

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