Visitors to Seligman Pantry nearly double

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Service available Thursday to Seligman residents

Since it began last summer, the Seligman Food Pantry has continued to grow, and the number of residents utilizing it has nearly doubled, said Seligman Mayor and food pantry manager Carol Frost.

When it started, about 60 residents showed up to take home a bag of free food containing about 20 different items, and, at the pantry’s most recent distribution date, 102 residents dropped in.

“We have a big crowd and each time, it seems like we get more people,” Frost said.

The pantry exists due to an anonymous donor who gives $1,000 a month to purchase groceries. Anyone who has a Seligman address can visit the pantry to help stretch their grocery dollars a little further, no questions asked, on the third Thursday of each month at the building next to city hall, from 2-6 p.m.

All that is required is proof of residency, such as a piece of mail showing a Seligman address, a driver’s license, electric or water bill.

“There are no income requirements,” Frost said. “As long as you’ve got a Seligman address or water bill, you qualify.”

With school out, the pantry will be offering more items for children, thanks to some additional local donations, as any individuals or businesses are welcome to donate produce, money, or even personal care products to stretch to pantry’s stock a little further.

“Sometimes, other people will donate, and that’s how I am able to get the pudding cups and Hugs,” Frost said. “We got money donated and that will go to the kids. This month, we’re focusing on the kids being home from school. We will have freezer pops, cheese and crackers and peanut butter crackers for the kids this month, and next month, we will have pudding cups, fruit gummies and Hugs drinks.”

All of the food is purchased fresh.

“Everything is brought in fresh because I buy it every month,” Frost said. “On Thursday, we will get canned corn, mac and cheese, canned chicken, Ramen noodles, bologna, cheese, bread, green beans, peanut butter and jelly, Little Debbie snacks, and Vienna sausage. I try to keep a good variety for them.”

Food items vary each month but consist of a mix of basic staples including flour, sugar, potatoes, bread, chicken, soup, Ramen noodles, hot dogs, bologna, peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti, canned vegetables and other canned items and fruit cups.

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