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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

State association seeking to grow official base

In an attempt to address a growing need, the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA) has launched a campaign to recruit more high school officials for every member sport.

The Missouri State High School Activities Association was formed in 1926 to give direction to amateur interscholastic competition between member schools. One of the functions of the MSHSAA in this area is the registration and training of athletic game officials.

According to a recruiting release sent by MSHSAA to prospective recruits:

“Now that you are graduating from high school, in college or already in the working world and have an interest in high school sports, those of us in the MSHSAA family of administrators, coaches and officials hope that you will consider staying involved as an MSHSAA official. Your background as an athlete or sports enthusiast lends much to your potential as an official. Through your participation and interest in sports, you have developed sportsmanship and understanding and respect of the game — the very qualities we expect of our officials. As a registered official, you will be returning the many values you have learned through sports to the high school athletes of today.”

To become an official, interested parties must complete an application form and return it to the MSHSAA any time after June 1.

The applicant should include a check (payable to MSHSAA) for $65 for the first sport in which the person wants to be licensed, $30 for the second sport, plus $25 for every other sport.

MSHSAA will forward a packet of study materials to qualifiers.

Applicants will then take an open-book exam at home, return the exam to the MSHSAA, and upon passing, receive a license.

For more information, people may contact www.mshsaa.org/Officials/LearnMore.aspx.

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