Purdy road district gets jump on winter damage

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Pervasive potholes prompt early attack, chip and seal work

After a winter that spawned a large proliferation of potholes, the Purdy Special Road District has gone on the offensive early, spending the major portion of its budget for the year this spring.

“It’s a typical year at the road district,” said Rick Scott, president of the district’s commissioners. “However, the approach to fixing problems has been more intense in the spring, rather than contracting for work later in the year.”

“Every road was pretty messed up,” Foreman James Fuller said. “We had some major repairs.”

Commissioners ordered chip and seal resurfacing on three miles of roads: Farm Road 2060 from Highway 37 to Farm Road 1070; on 2057 from 1070 to the second curve; and on 1070 from 2070 to 2057.

Instead of patching potholes with cold mix, which has risen to the cost of $90 a ton and may not stick to the hole, Fuller said the district turned to a finer base rock for filler, available at $6 per ton from Couch Excavating in Cassville.

This patch chip strategy was used on an eighth of a mile to Farm Road 2090 to the railroad tracks, and on Rabbit Road, a back road to Walmart, on Farm Roads 1090, 2070 and 1085.

Hutchens Construction completed the chip and seal work.

“I feel better about the roads, other than we spent a lot of money,” Scott said.

Fuller said he has more patching to do and would like to address major work on Farm Road 1120 heading south, but whether that gets done will depend on how far remaining funds stretch. With major work for the year already done, Fuller said the district faces equipment repairs plus months of mowing.

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