Vetís hair-raising fundraiser nets $650 for Backpack Program

Wednesday, April 4, 2018
Principal Veterinarian Dr. David Cupps, of the Barry County Veterinary Services of Cassville, helped add $650 into the Cassville school districtís Backpack Program when he offered his employees and Cassville Rotarians the opportunity to vote on his hairstyle. Cupps is pictured with the hairstyle that won ó a cornrow style. Contributed photo

Cupps winds up with cornrows after vote on his hairstyle

Some people will go to great lengths to send a message, accomplish a goal or do good for others.

That's what Dr. David Cupps, principal veterinarian at Barry County Veterinary Services, attempted, and accomplished ó when he offered his employees and Cassville Rotarians the opportunity to cast their vote on his hairstyle.

According to Cassville Rotarian Jim Craig, Cupps, a devout Mizzou Tigers fan, had pledged not to cut his hair until the Tigers basketball team lost a game. The Tigers did lose, however, Cupps continued to grow his hair, then offered a fundraising opportunity his employees and colleagues couldn't refuse, which included a vote on one of the following two options: shave his head or wear his hair in a cornrow style, which is a traditional African hairstyle consisting of braids that produce a continuous, raised row.

The latter won, and as a result of the unusual fundraiser, Cupps helped raise more than $650 for the Cassville school district's Backpack Program, which fills and sends home backpacks full of food for children at-risk of going hungry over the weekend.

Cupps said he hadn't had a haircut since November 2016.

"My staff was making fun of my hair being long, so one day, I said, 'I'm going to grow it long enough and get it cornrowed,'" he said. "They thought that was very funny.

"My 65th birthday was March 7, and my hair [length] was getting to the point I had to have something done. About three weeks before, I put two cans out on counter at office and had people vote on whether to get cornrows or have my hair buzzed off. They got to vote $1 a vote and the cans were sealed so no one could see inside, and the voting was done with the stipulation that the money would go to the school backpack program."

On his birthday, Cupps took the cans to Rotary Club meeting for members to cast their votes as well, and Cupps made good on his promise.

"By the time voting was done, the cornrows were the winner," he said. "The next day, I went to Springfield and had my hair done."

He kept the cornrow style for about two weeks.

"That was the deal," he said.

While in California recently, where cornrow hairstyles are popular, he even received a compliment from a west-coaster himself.

"I was in San Diego walking down the street in La Jolla, and a guy came out of a shop and said 'Hey, nice rows, dude,'" Cupps said.

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