Camp Barnabas seeking ambassadors to help spread campís message

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Development Officer: 'These ambassadors are changed forever'

Camp Barnabas is on the lookout for ambassadors willing to spread the ministry and message the camp offers for those with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

After a camper, parent, or staff experiences the unique camp model that seeks to make a way for children with disabilities to enjoy summer activities where there was previously no way, and sees the impact on campers and families, it is often life-altering.

"We get individuals that really want to spread the word about the ministry and what we do," said Krystal Simon, chief development officer for Camp Barnabas. "So a parent might say, 'I want to share what you're doing with businesses, etc.'"

"A Barnabas Ambassador is somebody who supports the ministry of Camp Barnabas and is willing to use their gifts to speak to their local communities, offer an invitation for individuals to join in on all the fun, and share with others how Camp Barnabas has changed their lives."

The camp has been planning the concept for awhile now, and is putting it into practice.

"It's been a long time coming, but something we've been really excited to do, and that is to share the ministry of our camp from their perspective; they share that passion year-round. And it's a really cool opportunity to partner with individuals and organizations to get the word out about why do we do this, and what better representatives [than those who have seen and experienced it]. These ambassadors have been changed forever."

An ambassador can be anyone ó a donor, parent, business owner, previous camper, past missionary; anyone who has experienced first-hand and been touched by the ministry, and message, the camp offers. If you have partnered with us, we would love to hear how Camp Barnabas has changed your life."

The concept is taking off, and the level of involvement is up to the ambassador.

"It's as much involvement as you're willing to share," Simon said. "It's been tailored to each individual. We had a young girl that signed up recently and part of her support was putting up posters and talking about camp with her friends. She got a group of friends to run a dance party. So it looks different based on each example."

To inquire about becoming an ambassador, visit Or for more information, call 417-476-2565.

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