Cassville School Board Questionnaire: Michael Hagins

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

1. Is the school district doing enough to encourage diversity in its staff in hiring minorities, certified and non-certified?


I believe Cassville School District does a good job on encouraging diversity in their staff. We’re a rural community so I could see how it could be hard to find different minorities to re-locate here whether certified or non-certified.

2. What would you like to see the district do to reduce teacher turnover?

I think the administration and board needs to spend additional time with our teachers listening to their ideas and concerns for the district.

3. How would you know if the school district has achieved the right balance between technology and self-taught programs versus having enough teacher aides for hands-on learning? How would you make sure you’re promoting the right balance?

District test scores let the district know that we have the right balance. Some students require hands on learning and I would promote the right balance by making sure we have the right  amount of  teachers aides for the kids that need the hands on learning.

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