Cassville School Board Questionnaire: Mark Kelley

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

1. Is the school district doing enough to encourage diversity in its staff in hiring minorities, certified and non-certified?

I believe when you look at and compare the overall demographics within the Cassville School District boundaries, the district has done very well. The district is served best when the most qualified person is hired whether their in a minority grouping or not. No job should be given or withheld based on the potential employees race, creed, or gender.

2. What would you like to see the district do to reduce teacher turnover?

We have to give them freedom and treat them professionally. I feel an employee builds loyalty with their employer when they are given room to expand in their profession and actually see their ideas implemented. It would be difficult to leave a job if you are being heard and are given the freedom to complete the job for which you were hired.

3. How would you know if the school district has achieved the right balance between technology and self-taught programs versus having enough teacher aides for hands-on learning? How would you make sure youíre promoting the right balance?

I think both learning through technology and hands-on learning in collaboration with an aide are indispensable. Itís been encouraging to me as a parent to see Cassville School taking the proper steps to meet the individual learning needs of the students. Children learn in different ways, and the only way to know if the proper balance has been struck is by results. Whether the student sees results in a more traditional way of learning or in a more modern approach, we have a duty to give that student the best opportunity to grow.

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