Cassville School Board Questionnaire: Carolyn Bowen

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

1. Is the school district doing enough to encourage diversity in its staff in hiring minorities, certified and non-certified?


I would encourage all people who have the qualifications for the position that is open to apply. We have a diverse staff and I feel the administration and board do a great job in hiring teachers and staff.

2. What would you like to see the district do to reduce teacher turnover?

We have many young first year teachers who come to Cassville. We live in a small rural area and some want to go to a bigger city and others leave for family reasons. We encourage them to stay. Out of around 100 schools in our area we are in the top 10 of salaries for certified teachers. I feel we offer a great school if they want a small town life.

3. How would you know if the school district has achieved the right balance between technology and self-taught programs versus having enough teacher aides for hands-on learning? How would you make sure you’re promoting the right balance?

As a board we look at all aspects of the academic scores and technology classes offered. Also,teacher aides are so very important to the students and great help to the teachers. Test scores would show if we are promoting the right balance.. I believe our teachers work very hard to see that our students get a good balance in all areas of learning. We offer 18 different college credit classes for high school students and when you see that 46% (255) students qualify for academic letters - I believe this shows our teachers are doing what is right for our students.

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