Cassville School Board Questionnaire: Wade Hermansen

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

1. Is the school district doing enough to encourage diversity in its staff in hiring minorities, certified and non-certified?


We live in a rural community where the population is 94.6% white. Promoting diversity will be a challenge. I will be focused on filling openings with quality, dedicated and talented personnel regardless of racial status.

2. What would you like to see the district do to reduce teacher turnover?

Teacher turnover in our school is a recurring theme. We need push forward a transition to a school board that is more energetic and able to connect with teachers.

3. How would you know if the school district has achieved the right balance between technology and self-taught programs versus having enough teacher aides for hands-on learning? How would you make sure you’re promoting the right balance?

Technology is simply a tool. Technology will not be able to replace a teacher or the personal help of a teachers aide. Identifying the proper balance will come from the stories of parents, teachers and aides that work with and evaluate the progress of those students.

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