Barry County sales tax sees sharp rebound in February

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Much of January red ink erased for most recipients

Sales tax to local city and county governments saw a sharp rebound in February, in contrast to typically the smallest disbursements of the year, as if the Missouri Department of Revenue wanted to prove the red ink in January did not reflect a deduction to make December numbers bigger.

Many cities erased January's dips, while others, like Monett, came close.

Cassville's 1 percent general fund tax produced $88,322.18, up $11,974.36 from last February, erasing January's drop plus a gain of $548.41. Seligman's 1 percent general fund tax received $13,512.02, up $5,403.56 from last February and gaining $2,277.35 after erasing January's red ink. Wheaton received $10,722.54 on its 1 percent general fund tax, likely the top tally for the year, up $9,325.78 from last February and wiping out all Wheaton's red ink back through September 2017.

Washburn received $1,474.71 on its 1 percent general fund tax, a gain of $315.91 over last February and enough to wipe out red ink in January plus gain $100.63. Exeter, the only city in the county that escaped red ink in January, received $2,112,43 on its 1 percent general fund tax, up $218.81 from a year ago.

Countywide sales taxes reflected similar gains.

Monett's two sales taxes totaling 1 percent supporting the general fund generated $169,939.73, up $34,350 from last February, setting a new record for the month, up nearly 17 percent over the last peak in 2014. The total made up 55 percent of the drop seen in January.

The sum raised Monett's 11-month fiscal year total to $1,818,338.73, up $36,590.18, or 2 percent, from last year's pace.

In contrast, Purdy's 1 percent sales tax supporting the general fund produced $4,514.77, the lowest in three years and $1,235.53 under last February. With receipts down two months in a row, Purdy's receipts are off to their slowest start of any year since 2007.

Thanks to a strong first six months to Purdy's fiscal year, the eight-month sum of $43,481.82 is still running nearly 13 percent ahead of last year's pace.

Barry County's two 0.5 percent sales taxes each produced more than $187,273. That was up more than $42,021 from last February, up 29 percent from a year ago, but still falling $12,000 short of erasing the red ink from January.

The sales tax going directly to Barry County 911 yielded $140,449.90, up $31,515.95 from a year ago, nearly $9,000 short of wiping out January's red ink. That left the 2018 sum almost 4 percent behind the start of 2017.

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