Excessive snow days pile up in Cassville

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

District has used 7 out of 10 days allotted

When school districts set their schedules for the year, they plan for a snow day or two and adjust accordingly, but this year, repeat snowfalls, ice and frigid temperature episodes prompted several school closures, which have literally snowed their schedule.

For the Cassville district, up to 10 snow days are allotted, but rarely does the district need to use that many, or so early in the season. But this year, it has already used seven, and March is just beginning.

The district's last day was originally set for May 11, and now with the excessive number of snow days, that date is tentatively set for May 22, meaning that school children may be starting their summer breaks later than planned.

"This has been a rather typical winter," said Richard Asbill, Cassville school district superintendent. "In comparison, we have had mild winters the past few years.With our normal issues with temperatures and potential ice rather than snow, we usually have missed about five to seven days."

Although February is the month when, according to folklore, six more weeks of inclement weather is foretold if the groundhog sees his shadow, March is the pivotal month of the season when winter makes its last stand either starting out rough, or ending rough; hence the phrase the month is known for, "In like a lion, out like a lamb," or vise versa.

Asbill is hoping the district will see more of the lamb than the lion.

"We have missed seven seven days so far hopefully no more," he said.

Since make-up days are scheduled at the end of the year, students will still receive the long weekend that includes March 30 and April 2, off for Easter break.

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