Offseason stride time for Wildcats

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Cassville sees path leading to next year

No team wants to see a game or season end in a loss.

For Cassville, 17 times this year, that feeling occurred, with the final loss coming in the form of a 64-53 loss to McDonald County in district play.

According to Coach Barrett Milleson, that pain, frustration and disgust of losing are what will fuel his team this offseason.

“This was a challenging year for several reasons,” Milleson said. “But, we are not about excuses. We are about results, and this year, the results were we lost more than we won.”

Milleson said the team returns a number of players that will be seniors, and a large junior class.

“We will not explain away things because we are simply a young team,” Milleson said. “We have some great athletes here and can win games here, and this offseason will be about developing the leaders we need to take that next step. We want to use our frustrations to motivate us for next season.”

The Wildcats’ goals going into the offseason according to their coach is to get stronger physically and mentally, to put more shots up and get better on the glass.

“This is a big offseason,” Milleson said. “I know we have the talent, it’s now time for it to come together.”

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