More than 60 BarCo students earn degrees from Crowder College

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Crowder College, Neosho, awarded over 60 Barry County graduates with degrees and certificates for the fall 2017 semester. Degrees include: AA Associate of Arts; AAS Associate of Applied Science; AAT Associate of Arts Teaching; and AS Associate of Science.

Following is a list of the graduates and their respective cities:

Butterfield: Robert Coberly

Cassville: Matthew Coleman, Cristen Cox, Lacey Ennes, Dylan Henry, Chase Jackson, Rowdy Johnson, Lucy Khang, Cameron Koehler, Jordan Miller, Jeffery Munday, Brett Nickle, Dylan Randles, Phillip Richmiller, Jacquelyn Ritchie, John St. Pierre and Titus Trotter

Eagle Rock: Christina Mock

Exeter: Kallie Bateman, Nathan Denayer, JayCe Fink, Shelby Medley and Rylie Odenbrett

Monett: Tyler Ash, Alex Bahl, Natanael Burgos, Tania Contreras, Sierra Coy, Mariah Jordan, Jason Maxwell, Andrea Medlock, Sydney Michael, Lindsey Painter, Jessica Perez, William Ray, Leslie Rodriguez, Lacey Rosewicz, Bonnie Upchurch, Kyle Utter, Wendy Walke, Jessica Watkins and Danielle Yoho

Pierce City: Karla Landoll, Hunter Madison and Jennifer Meadows

Purdy: Esmeralda Dodson, Sierra Gunter, Abby Parsons and Rocio Rodriguez

Seligman: Lynda Freeman and Colton Pippin

Shell Knob: Wendy Mueller and Karen Periman

Southwest City: Gabriel Cornell and Bradly Drake

Washburn: Hunter Dearborn, Brittney Hackett, Amanda Ruark, Shasta Sanders and Jaime Shrum

Wheaton: Tempest Cooper, Joe DeBoer and Amanda Munday