City of Cassville proposes annexation

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Annexation common practice of cities

In early December 2017, Cassville’s public works department contacted approximately 175 residents by mail to advise them of a proposed, voluntary annexation of the city’s boundary lines, to include the highway rights of way adjoining their property.

The proposal includes the highway rights of Business Route 37 from Center Street to State Highway 37, and more specifically, Business Highway 37 north; Highway 37 north to the south side of town; Highway 76 from the city limits going west; Highway 112 from the city limits going south; and Highway 248 from the city limits going east.

According to David Brock, Cassville public works director, the purpose of annexation is to promote a more contiguous and compact boundary for the community, improve public safety presence and accident response and encourage annexation and development of adjoining private property

In his letter, Brock invited residents to make comments, which will be returned to MoDOT. He emphasized that no private property was included in the proposed annexation, and maintenance of the roadway would remain under MoDOT’s administration.

“It’s an economic development tool of annexing,” said Brock. “It’s an extremely common [practice of cities], and it helps with traffic enforcement and response. [For example], sometimes, Cassville gets called out to do mutual aid in the county.”

For any questions or comments about the proposed annexation, Brock can be reached at 417-847-4441, or

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