Double distribution boosts year-end sales tax totals

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Cassville 7 percent ahead of 2016

After four consecutive months of declining sales tax revenues, bi-county recipients received a surprising boost as the Missouri Department of Revenue, in an attempt to fully implement a new accounting system, made an unprecedented two distributions in December, boosting revenues by 28 percent, something unseen since January 2015, and thus painting a much more positive economic picture for the area.

The seven Barry County cities with sales tax received $807,451.54. Factoring out the new Monett tax, the total represented a gain of 30 percent.

Only Wheaton did not see an increase. Cassville's 1 percent tax produced $118,809.76, up a whopping 141 percent from last December. Seligman's 1 percent general fund tax yielded $10,317.92, up 25 percent from a year ago.

Washburn's 1 percent tax produced $4,340.24, up 27 percent. Exeter topped $2,000 for the five time in 2017, receiving $2,088.84, up by $109.84.

Wheaton, whose numbers have been peculiar for several years, had the lowest December sum on record at $2,163.94, less than half the amount received a year ago.

Purdy's 1 percent sales tax paying general bills yielded $8,637.58, the biggest disbursement since June 2015 and a December record. That boosted the six-month fiscal year sum to $36,683.36, up nearly $10,000 from a year ago and the second best December sum on record, topped only by 2014.

Monett saw its four sales taxes rise by nearly 23 percent, and the second payout from the new tax paying for the new aquatic center. The $218,664.36 paid into the general fund was only the second time that happened in 2017 and only the fourth time in the last three years.

That brought Monett's nine-month fiscal year total to $1,511,663.36, the largest on record and up over 4 percent from last year's pace. It also boosted sales tax receipts to an all-time calendar year high, over $2 million for the first time.

Barry County's two .5 percent sales taxes each generated $246,480, each up by more than 31 percent.

Barry County's sales tax supporting the 911 service received $184,776.91, a 31 percent gain.

Total tax numbers

The following tax amounts reflect the total amount of tax collected by each city and county, in 2017, as compared to 2016.

Cassville, which collected four taxes, took in a total of $2,268,787.02, a 3 percent or $67,662.22 gain, wiping out the $8,032.56 loss at the end of 2016.

Exeter, with one tax, collected $22,542.18, a drop of $1,230.36 or 5 percent.

Seligman had a full year with its Harp's grocery store to recover the town's economic footing. It's four sales taxes produced $249,194.61, a gain of more than 6 percent.

Wheaton, with two taxes, produced $77,744.32, a drop of 14 percent after a 12 percent decline in 2016. While Wheaton's 1 percent and .5 percent monthly disbursements have frequently been out of line, the 1 percent often three times the .5 percent, by year's end the two taxes stood fairly close: $54,483.49 and $23,260.83.

Purdy, with three taxes, collected $134,291.04, up 13 percent from a year ago, largely wiping out the 18 percent drop in 2016 to put the total within $4,000 of the 2015 sum.

Monett has five sales taxes, including the new tax paying for the new aquatic center. Together the taxes generated $4,010,763.54, up more than $400,000 or 11 percent from the previous year. The .5 percent capital improvements sales tax topped $1 million for the first time, and the transportation sales tax ran slightly less at $971,473.72. Except for a drop in 2016, Monett’s sales tax income has risen by 5 percent or more in two of the last three years. The old sunsetted sales tax paying off the retired justice center produced another $842.98 in 2017.

Barry County, which levies three taxes, took in $4,795,860.28, up $331,613.94 or 7 percent from the precious year. The .5 percent taxes for general operations and for road and bridge maintenance each yielded more than $2,131,558, while another $532,669.04 came from the .125 percent tax that also supports the general fund.

Barry County 911, supported by a 3/8 percent sales tax, garnered $1,598,163.93, a gain of 4 percent.

South Barry County Ambulance District collected an eight-cent sales tax totaling $784,146.85, a gain of $7,162.67 or 1 percent over the previous year.

2017 Sales tax collected for all entities

City: 1 percent general Compared to 2016

Cassville: $955,419.16 +7%

Exeter: $22,542.18 -5%

Monett: $2,002,422.86 +5%

Purdy: $67,145.08 +13%

Seligman: $110,757.88 +5%

Washburn: $29,435.70 +5%

Wheaton: $54,483.49 -14%

BarCo: (1/2%) $2,131558.51 +7%

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