New city manager named in Purdy

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

City clerk receives new title, duties at higher pay

In an unprecedented move, the Purdy City Council has created the new position of city manager, but plans to keep the position as part of additional duties handled by City Clerk Debbie Redshaw, while keeping her on a 32-hour schedule.

Mayor Bo Prock said he needed a city manager “to help with reports and managerial stuff.” The push for additional help corresponds with the pending beginning of construction on the sewer pipeline to Monett, which will require detailed reporting to meet grant and loan requirements.

Prock said Redshaw would also build schedules for other city employees, participate in the development of daily projects, then report to Prock on “what’s being done and what’s not being done.”

Play will be an additional $2 per hour on duties fitting under the duties of the city manager. Otherwise Redshaw will continue in her regular role as city clerk. Her assistant, Terri Garrison, will take on a greater role in collecting utility payments, in addition to her role as municipal court clerk.

Redshaw explained both she and Garrison will continue as part-time employees as 32 hours a week, despite their additional duties.

“Aside from the sewer project, we need to do a better job reporting our time and doing projects,” Prock said.

During the past year, Prock discussed launching a concerted effort to trim trees and improve storm water drainage across town, recutting ditches and watching progress, adjusting as necessary to make sure a cut on one block does not leave standing water on the next.

“[Redshaw] is going to balance that. She’ll be keeping those jobs filled up,” Prock added.

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