7 file for Cassville School Board

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Not many local city, school board races contested

While the majority of local cities and schools will not see any contested races in the April elections, the Cassville school district is an exception to the norm.

Seven people have signed up to run for two spots on the Cassville School Board. In order of filing, Wade Hermansen, Steve Henbest, Carolyn Bowen, Lisa Roark, Mark Kelley, Michael Hagins and Devin Barber have thrown their hats in the ring.

Bowen is an incumbent, and the other incumbent, Board President John Sullivan, chose not to file.

Other filings in the county include:

City of Cassville

Incumbents Jerry Marple and Mike Vining both filed, with no challengers.

City of Exeter

Two-term incumbent Jeff Scott has refiled in the south ward, and newcomer Tasha McNabb will go unchallenged in the north ward. McNabb will replace Christa Metter.

Exeter school district

Incumbents Sammy Hudson and Mitch Sorensen have refiled with no challengers.

City of Seligman

Michael Avers, west ward alderman and mayor pro tem, has refiled for his alderman position, as has incumbent Gerald Harling in the east ward. Both are unchallenged. Carol Frost has filed for mayor, with no challenger. She will serve a one-year term, as former mayor Garry Thornton left part-way through his two-year stint.

City of Washburn

No one has filed for the open east or west ward positions held by Cheryl Floyd (east) and Ken West (west).

Southwest school district

Incumbents Robert Catron and Daniel Dalton have refiled with no challengers.

Purdy school district

No election will take place in the Purdy school district though there will be a change, since five-term incumbent Randy Henderson chose not to run again. Henderson has served as board chairman since 2008.

Three-term incumbent Ken Terry and Henderson's brother, Reuben Henderson, were the only candidates to file.

City of Purdy

A race also developed in Purdy, where Raymond Stapleton has thrown his hat in for a rematch of the 2016 election against Brian Bowers for the West Ward council seat.

Bobby Baker, appointed to the East Ward seat, is unopposed in his bid for a full term.

Wheaton school district

No election will take place again in the Wheaton school district, as was the case three years ago. Four-term incumbent Bobby Banks and one-term incumbent Kevin Schlessman were the only candidates to file.

City of Wheaton

No races developed for the three open city council seats in Wheaton, though that will bring a change. In the East Ward, incumbent Ryan Henderson did not seek another term, and first-time candidate Brandon Shockley was the only candidate to file.

In the West Ward, incumbent Steve Wilkerson left, opening a one-year term for first-time candidate Kevin Schlessman. Stacy Beck, who first secured her seat by appointment in 2009, is running unopposed for the two-year seat.

South Barry County Ambulance District

Incumbents Ken Ceilinski and Gary Luppen have refiled with no challengers.

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