Habitat ReStore still fielding calls about new location

Wednesday, January 10, 2018
The Habitat for Humanity ReStore was relocated in June to 900 W. 10th St. in Cassville, however, according to staff, there is still some confusion with some local residents as to the store’s new location between Cassville Discount Grocery and All Points Recycling. Now under new management, the store has dropped its prices in response to customer feedback, and done some rearranging, to help visitors continue finding great deals on a variety of everyday house supplies and building materials. Julia Kilmer/reporter@cassville-democrat.com

Management responds to customer feedback

The Habitat for Humanity ReStore, located at 900 W. 10th St., moved seven months ago from its previous location on Main Street, however, staff report that they are still receiving many calls each day inquiring about their whereabouts or status.

"I get about 10 calls a day from people wanting directions to get here," said Travis Daniels, who took over as store manager about three months ago. "And, a lot are people who live here in town who say they know the store moved, but they thought we'd went out of business."

The store moved from its previous location where it had been for over 10 years due to structural issues, flooding and lack of parking and access. The new location, which sits between All Points Recycling and Cassville Discount Grocery, a block away from Ken's Collision Repair, offered easier access, a better layout and 6,000 square feet to display merchandise.

The thrift store continues to offer a wide variety of practical donated household items from dishes to furniture and appliances, to building materials, along with great finds on hardware and all manner of miscellaneous merchandise, which helps Habitat help raise additional funds to support its mission to bring people and communities together to build homes and provide access to lower-cost building materials and household goods.

Considering all the benefits and resources the store offers to local residents, and to clear up any confusion, staff want to ensure residents know the store's new location.

From Main Street, drivers can get to the store by turning left on 11th Street at Dollar General, then at stop sign, turning left onto County Road, which becomes W. 10th Street. If traveling north on Highway 37 from Walmart, drivers can turn right onto Farm Road 2172, near Bullets N Bows, which also becomes W. 10th Street. The storefront has a bright red awning. The store is also on the same street as Ken's Collision Center.

Management also reports that visitors to the store will now find lower prices.

"We've been dropping prices," said Daniels, who said he likes to shop at the store himself for the deals.

Local residents may remember him from Price Cutter, where he worked as front end manager, night manager and bookkeeper.

"The store wasn't selling as much, and a lot of people quit coming because they thought the prices were too high," he said. "Our prices are in between yard sale and flea market prices. All of the proceeds go toward Habitat and its projects."

According to David Hermann, president of Habitat for Humanity of South Barry County, some visitors had expressed concern about the prices, referring to them as "too high."

"A lot of folks said they didn't want to shop at the ReStore because of the high prices," Hermann said. "Since Travis has taken over, he has done a lot of rearranging and dropping the prices as they should be."

Habitat's latest home, which is located at 703 Sky St., is almost finished.

According to Hermann, plans were being made to put up drywall over the weekend.

"We are getting close to finishing the new house," he said. "As soon as the drywall is done, we will start with paint in the kitchen to prepare for the cabinets, then the floor, and appliances."

"The house is coming right along," Daniels said. "It won't be long before they'll have it finished and will be ready to start on the next."

Daniels said all merchandise in the store is donated, but the store also accepts other types of donations, too, which are just as important to the store's operations.

"We are always open to donations of merchandise, and we'll take everything but tube TVs and clothes," he said. "We do take monetary donations and volunteers. Our major workforce is volunteers, and we always need donations of money and goods."

Along with running the store and building its next home, future plans include expanding Habitat's outreach to the Seligman area.

Residents looking for great deals on everyday home supplies or building materials, for a place to donate household items, funds, time, or just a fun, treasure-hunting shopping experience, they can visit the ReStore at 900 W. 10th Street, which is open Wednesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m, and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

For more information, the store can be reached at 417-846-0110.

"Habitat is looking forward to a great 2018," Hermann said.

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