Public Works asks for feedback on parks

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Brock offers online survey as alternative to meeting

The Cassville Public Works Department is asking residents for their feedback on current usage and potential future improvements for its park system, through the month of January.

Area residents are being asked to complete a brief, online survey by visiting A link to the survey can be also found on the city’s website at, or, residents may complete and return the survey on paper, which is available at city hall and the Cassville Branch Library.

The results will be used to help city officials prepare for a multiyear parks improvement plan, and help provide information and input needed to obtain a prospective, beneficial grant through the Department of Natural Resources aimed at improving park amenities and facilities.

According to David Brock, Cassville public works director, the particular grant offers funds which would cover a broad range of tasks and projects in the parks.

"We're wanting to know what the community would like to see," he said. "The grant covers all of the amenities we have, such as trails, benches and lighting, restrooms, landscaping, etc."

Brock is hoping that by offering a short online survey as opposed to attending a meeting, the city will receive a good response, and encourages all residents and families who enjoy using the parks to make time to complete the short survey and offer their input.

"I'm really am hoping for a big response," he said. "It would really help validate what people are looking for."

Hopefully, by offering an online survey tool, people will respond on their computer, tablets and phones, as city meetings are notoriously poorly attended."

Questions or comments about park facilities should be directed to Brock, who can be reached at 417-732-3400 or 417-847-4441.

"We will use the information and feedback from the survey to help us determine what type of improvements to make in the parks department," Brock said. "The survey asks questions like, 'How often do they visit the parks, why do they go, and what would they like to see done going forward — for instance with the ballfields, trails and aquatic center.' There is also an open-ended option for people to leave their comments."

"By the February city council meeting, we hope to have a rough draft of our three-year parks improvement plan. We will also be reviewing the grant submittal, part of which requires us to demonstrate that we have collected community input. So we hope [by that meeting] to have a proposal of what people are asking for put together and a grant application drafted, and to ask council to endorse the application."

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