Items stolen from animal rescue recovered

Thursday, December 28, 2017

At least 4 agencies investigating items found in Marionville apartment

A Marionville man was arrested Tuesday after a tip regarding the location of some stolen items led to Barry County Deputies finding a trove of property in an apartment and yard.

Jacob Metz, 28, is charged with three counts of receiving stolen property, and in a separate case, one count of escape or attempted escape while under arrest for a felony.

Doug Henry, detective with the Barry County Sheriff's Office, said on Tuesday, deputies received an anonymous tip from a person who knew the whereabouts of numerous items allegedly stolen from C.A.R.E. Animal Rescue, located on Farm Road 2065 in northern Barry County, on Dec. 17 and Dec. 20.

The Barry County Sheriff's Office, along with the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office, Marionville Police Department and the Aurora Police Department conducted a search warrant on a Marionville apartment, where a large amount of stolen items were found.

Metz, who lived in the apartment, was arrested by the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office. Henry said Metz was hiding in the attic of the apartment. The other man on the scene was determined to not be involved and was released.

Henry said C.A.R.E. items found included saddles, a security system with cameras, a Honda four-wheeler, a work trike, power tools, a coffee maker, animal medications and other items.

"I don't know the extent of how many different cases were involved," Henry said. "All the items have been transported back to the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office, except C.A.R.E. came to get their things on scene.

"He is charged in Lawrence County, we have a case on him, Stone County may possibly file charges and Aurora thinks there may be stuff there form some storage unit burglaries. There's so much property that's still not identified."

Henry said the items are organized in Lawrence County and the other agencies are working together to piece which items go with which burglary report.

"In all we found about 75 power tools, jewelry, a firearm with an owner we knew, a mountain bike, golf clubs, a leaf blower and a lot of other stuff," Henry said.

Brad DeLay, Lawrence County sheriff, said when Metz arrived at the jail, deputies opened the back door of the transport van and Metz jumped out and attempted to escape on foot.

"He was just waiting on them to open the door," DeLay said. "He jumped out handcuffed and all and took off running."

DeLay said Metz ran around the jail and north. He was captured about 200 yards from the jail.

Metz is being held in the Lawrence County jail on a $100,000 bond.

Both of his cases are in Lawrence County. There are no charges filed yet in Barry County.

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