New seating being installed in Cassville gym

Wednesday, December 27, 2017
The Cassville High School Gymnasium will have a new look soon, once new bleachers are installed in early January. According to Dusty Reid, facilities and operations manager for the school district, the new seats will be more comfortable, and 400 of the seats will offer back support. In addition, the seats will be motorized, cutting the time it takes for staff to prepare for events in the gymnasium from 45 minutes to 10. Contributed photo

Motorized bleachers include 400 seats with back support

The Cassville High School Gymnasium will soon have brand new seating with convenient, modern features to accommodate guests for games, ceremonies and events.

According to Dusty Reid, facilities and operations director for the school district, the current bleachers, which were installed in 1995, were due to be replaced.

Contractors from Carroll Seating, out of Kansas City, literally ‘lay down the tracks’ to install new seating inside the CHS Gynamsium, which will include more modern, comfortable features and is expected to be completed in early January. About 400 of the seats will include back support, and guests will notice more leg room. Contributed photo

The new seats will have a more modern look, and will be much more comfortable, Reid said, some of which will even offer back support.

"We are very excited that the new bleachers will include 400 new seats with back support," Reid said.

In addition, those sitting on the east side of the gymnasium will find that they will have more leg room than before.

Contractors make progress on a new seating project that will be in full swing over the Christmas break in the Cassville High School Gymnasium. According to Dusty Reid, facilities and operations director for the Cassville school district, the district was able to obtain a good discount on the total cost of about $136,000, by completing the project over the holiday break versus over the summer. The previous seats were installed in 1995 and had to be manually set up, but the new seating is motorized and will only take a fraction of the time to set up for events. Contributed photo

And the seats will have a very nice feature for staff, too, who work hard to prepare for all of the events that take place in the gymnasium.

"The new bleachers will be motorized, which allows us to be more efficient when setting up for events," Reid said. "The amount of time it takes to pull out or push in the bleachers will go from 45 minutes to 10 minutes."

With all of their convenient features, Reid said staff are quite excited about the new seats, which have been planned for awhile now.

"We have been working on this for several months," Reid said. "We expect the basic installation, including 80 percent of the seats to be done around January 8. The remaining 20 percent of the seats will be installed at a later date due to the fact we are having a logo printed on the seats."

The project is being completed by Carroll Seating, of Kansas City, at a cost of approximately $136,000. 

According to Reid, part of that cost was made possible through donations.

"We did get a significant discount by being flexible and accomplishing the project over the holiday break," Reid said. "Most schools prefer to do this over the summer, and that becomes much more expensive. Cassville is fortunate enough to have great facilities, which include five basketball gymnasiums, and we were able to make this work.

"The Cassville R-IV School Board feels that this project will benefit the community by enhancing their experience at all of our events. This includes music concerts, graduation ceremonies and Veteran's Day assemblies, as well as our athletic events and other student activities."

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