Professional golfer gifts scholarships to Camp Barnabas

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

100 campers to attend free courtesy of Jordan Spieth Family Foundation

Camp Barnabas recently received a major donation from the Jordan Spieth Family Foundation.

The generous gift will allow 100 campers with special needs and chronic illnesses the ability to experience a life-changing week at camp.


“The gift from the Jordan Spieth Family Foundation is absolutely incredible,” says Krystal Simon, Chief Development Officer. “Because of their generosity, we get to say ‘yes’ to more campers. We also get to say yes to the parents who champion for their kids tirelessly throughout the year, but for one single week they get a chance to just breathe; to know that their children are safely and wonderfully cared for.”

On average, 60 percent of camper families seek scholarship assistance, and it is projected that nearly 70 percent will need financial help in 2018.

“The actual cost for a camper to attend Barnabas is close to $1,500, but we only ask families to cover $775,” Simon said. “Even so, we never turn a family away due to financial hardship and work to provide a range of additional scholarships for families who couldn’t attend otherwise.”

Scholarship assistance is made possible through the donations Camp Barnabas receives from donors and organizations such as the Jordan Spieth Family Foundation.

“Gifts like these helps us get to say ‘Yes. Yes, you can. You can live a life of purpose,’” Simon said. “Our campers are loved. They are encouraged to try new things. They are reminded that they are wonderfully and perfectly created. It’s a week they’ll never forget.” 

“We are extremely grateful for the generosity of Jordan and his foundation,” said Andrea Harp, director of marketing for Camp Barnabas.

“The Foundation saw a wonderful opportunity to partner with Camp Barnabas for multiple reasons,” said a Spieth Foundation representative. “Their focus on the family is exceptional, serving not only children with special needs but siblings as well. The Spieth sibling bond is incredibly special, and an experience that is very valuable. The accessibility component was incredibly impressive, with opportunities for these young campers to experience new, one-of-a-kind things.”

Based in Southwest Missouri near Purdy, Camp Barnabas is a non-profit charitable organization that includes two locations dedicated to providing life-changing experiences to individuals with special needs and chronic illnesses, as well as their siblings. Each summer, the camp serves approximately 2,000 campers and welcomes 2,400 missionaries.

The camp exists to offer opportunities to all individuals, regardless of their disability or diagnosis, and to the people who serve them by providing social experiences that increase spiritual knowledge, social learning and human dignity. In addition to the camp is Barnabas Prep, a two-year faith-based collegiate program designed specifically for students with special needs. It is an independent living learning experience that helps individuals recognize their strengths and potential and challenges them to grow into their best selves. 

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