Purdy city council renames voting wards

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Aldermen opt for east, west wards over numbered system

Aldermen in Purdy have voted to change the names of the municipal wards but resisted making any other alterations in the voting districts.

Mayor Bo Prock said the borders, numbered 1 and 2, had become too vague and meaningless. He presented an ordinance renaming the wards as east and west, maintaining the division point at the town’s railroad tracks.

Aldermen Bobby Baker and Scott Redshaw represent Ward 1. Brian Bowers and Austin Hammen represent Ward 2. Prock, elected at large, lives in Ward 1.

Aldermen raised no objections to the change. Redshaw suggested a further division into north and south.

“We can’t get people to run as it is,” said City Clerk Debbie Redshaw.

Without further discussion, the change was approved, effective for the next April municipal election. Seats held by Bowers and Baker will be open at that time.

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