Cassville Rotary covers cost of emblems for new Scouts trailer

Wednesday, November 22, 2017
Cassville Rotarians recently covered the cost of emblems for the Troop 76 Boy Scoutsí new trailer. The graphics cost about $585, and the work was completed by Lancaster Signs of Joplin. The signage includes the Boy Scouts of America motto, Troop 76 emblem and the American Flag. On the back left door, a separate graphic bears a dedication to the memory of Carole Fitzgerald and Terry Gordon Fitzgerald, Jr., the wife and son of Terry Fitzgerald, Sr., who purchased and donated the 2017 trailer to the Scout group. Julia Kilmer/

Rotarian: 'The Scouts do a lot for us; they hardly ask for anything'

Troop 76 Scouts recently proudly presented its new trailer with new emblems it to the Cassville Rotary Club, who donated $585 in funds to cover the cost of putting the graphics on the trailer.

The new emblems include the Boys Scouts of America (BSA) motto, the American Flag and Troop 76 emblems.

The Scouts' previous trailer, which was stolen last spring loaded with all of its camping supplies, did not have any identifying emblems, and the trailer itself was 20 years old.

When the Rotarians, who sponsor the Scout group, learned about the theft, they immediately took action, taking up a collection to replace camping supplies just in time for the Scouts camping trip, and, later, after learning funds were a reason there were no emblems on the trailer, offering to cover the cost.

"The day we found out the trailer was stolen [last spring] we took up a collection, and met at First State Bank," said Herb Primrose, 30-year Cassville Rotary member. "I asked Scoutmaster Bill Simms, 'Why don't you have your name on the trailer?'"

"We were asked why the trailer wasn't marked, and it was because we didn't have the money," Simms said.

With as much as the Scout group does to help with Rotary-sponsored events, footing the cost of the graphics was one way to repay them for those good deeds, Primrose said.

"They run the concession stands for Rotary events, the rodeo, Bull Blast and Demolition Derby, and pick up the grounds afterward, so they do a lot for us," he said. "So I told Bill, 'We're going to get you taken care of with emblems for your new trailer,' and 'We sponsor your troop and we're happy to help you with anything you need.' They hardly ever ask for anything."

The project was completed by Lancaster Signs of Joplin, was facilitated by Primrose and was completed last week.

Also included, on the back of the trailer as a separate graphic, is a dedication to Terry Fitzgerald, who purchased the new trailer, at a cost of $5,500, for the scout group after he heard about the theft on the news. He donated the trailer in memory of his late wife and son, Carole Fitzgerald and Terry Gordon Fitzgerald, Jr., who was involved in the Scouts.

Whether having identifying emblems on the trailer would have made a difference in the previous trailer being stolen is anyone's guess, Primrose said.

"I'm not sure if it would have deterred a theft, but I'm sure it would have helped," he said. "It would have made it a lot easier to find, and someone would have seen it going through town, and may have stopped it."

"People would have recognized it if it had had emblems on it," Simms said.

Along with helping to easily identify who it belongs to and giving the group a sense of pride and ownership, having the emblems have some other benefits.

"I think it might attract attention for other youth who might want to join the Scouts, so I think it's a good advertisement for the Troop," Simms said.

The Scouts are currently looking for leaders to help lead groups. Previous Scout members or Eagle Scouts are encouraged to inquire. For more information, people may call Simms at 417-846-5056.

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