Final private easements approved for Purdy sewer

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Pipeline construction bids authorized by year-end action

Final steps needed prior to awarding a construction contract for Purdy's $4.6 million sewer project fell into place last week, as aldermen approved purchase of the remaining easements and authorized engineer Allgeier, Martin and Associates to seek bids for buildings the six-mile pipeline to Monett.

Mayor Bo Prock presented aldermen with the final list of needed land easement, representing approximately 50 percent of the project, including the largest tracks of property.

The six remaining easements cost a total of $69,044.48. Prock said the owners asked similar amounts for their land, making the variance in payments more reflective of the amount of land involved, rather than the price.

Settlements for easements went to the following:

• Curtis and Rayner Schallert, $30,888.48

• Garrett Revocable Trust (Glen Garrett), $10,000

• Kevin M. Keeling Revocable Trust, $10,000

• Southside Feed and Farm Supply (Vera Littlefield), $5,848

• Beverly Ross, $5,000

• Janice Shore, $5,000

• Richard and Margaret Redshaw, $2,308.

In contrast to these prices, Prock said the Arkansas-Missouri Railroad asked $50,000 for the use of its easements for a length comparable to the $2,308 purchase from Richard and Margaret Redshaw.

“The railroad also wanted an open ended [price] agreement, covering things like their people on site to inspect the work,” Prock said. “Their price would have put the price to the point of us not being able to pay for the project.”

Easements to run the sewer from Monett's South Park to the wastewater treatment plant have already been completed, some of which will run across Schreiber Foods' wastewater pretreatment property over to the municipal treatment plant west of Eisenhower. The major expense at the Monett end of the project, in addition to laying pipe, will be a bore under Highway 37 near Roderick Arms and Tool.

Aldermen authorized Prock to sign needed paperwork financial arrangements as submitted by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development program, submitted through Allgeier, Martin.

Aldermen then approved a multi-page letter of intent with USDA, outlining terms of the funding package developed through the Rural Development program. Terms called for a $1,731,000 loan over 30 years, to be paid at an interest rate of 2.8 percent.

Aldermen expect to approve a contract for construction in December. Prock said authorizing a contract by the end of the calendar year is critical for securing the agreed upon funding through the federal government.

The sewer project is expected to take approximately one year to build. The undertaking will resolve issues expressed by DNR over the city’s wastewater lagoon and irrigation system for cleansing effluent.

While there has never been any resolution to concerns over the lagoon’s collapse potential due to a possible sinkhole, the pivotal issue pushing the pipeline stemmed from raising the city’s effluent standards in the last sewer permit issued by DNR.

The irrigation method of spraying liquid effluent onto an irrigation field, allowing the earth to filter the liquid, had no capacity to reduce nitrates, deemed to be excessive under the permit.

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