Roaring River Rehab residents take medals at competitive games

Wednesday, November 8, 2017
Roaring River Health and Rehab residents in Cassville recently competed against residents from 10 other nursing home facilities in Monett at the annual Golden Age Games event, taking First Place Overall, Second Place in the Spirit Award, and bringing home multiple medals. Pictured in photo (names not in order), are residents Velma Lowry, Patricia Brown, Sally Lofstrom, David Vanzant, Donnie Stephens, Leonard Pustelnik, Martha Foster, Peggy Cole, Brenda Greason (not pictured), Robert Lynn, Donna Phillips (not pictured), Peggy Lawrence, Clifford Hixson (not pictured), Charles Laney (not pictured) and Pam Shields. Staff pictured include: Administrator Russ Newby; Activities Director Norma Kirkpatrick; Terri Desrochers, Mickie Saville, Mikala Brophy, Tracie Lakey and Melissa Inman. Contributed photo

Residents contend in cow milking, wheelchair racing, hog calling, crafts

Roaring River Health and Rehab residents got a treat when, on Friday, Oct. 27, they left Cassville bright and early and traveled to Monett to participate in the Golden Age Games, an annual event in which the residents of multiple nursing homes gather to compete in games.

About 15 residents competed in the all-day event against 10 other nursing home facilities represented in a variety of events, including basketball, soccer, horseshoes, cow milking, hog calling, bingo, trivia, crafts and a wheelchair race.

By the time the day concluded at 3 p.m., the Roaring River residents took home First Place in Overall Points, Second Place in the Spirit Award, and brought home 12 individual medals and one group medal.

"The annual Golden Age games were held at Monett High School, and each of our residents can win medals from first through fifth place, and they did really well," said Russ Newby, Roaring River Health and Rehab administrator.

"The competition also keeps team points, so if you got first in horseshoes, you got 10 points for your team, etc., and we got first place in overall points, so we won the most medals."

Roaring River residents showed impressive competitive and team spirit at the event.

"The Spirit award is what everyone tries for," Newby said. "Each facility has their own theme and dresses up, and this year, since we are Roaring River Rehab, we dressed up as trout fisherman, made a cabin for our decorations, and got second place."

The facility has participated in the games for three years, and thoroughly enjoys the experience, Newby said.

"It's a fun day, and we all get to compete, dress up and cheer, and have a good time," he said. "Our residents did really, really well."

Residents brought home 12 individual awards, and one group award, in the following categories:

Leonard Pustelnik, second; wheelchair race; second in horseshoes

Sally Lofstrom, third, craft yarn work

Ellie Kreamor, first, craft painting

Peggy Cole, first, wheelchair race

Robert Lynn, second, cow milking; third, hog calling; fifth, horseshoes

Brenda Greason, first, cow milking; first, hog calling

Ila Heob, fourth, craft jewelry

Pam Shields, fourth, craft coloring

Peggy Lawrence, Clifford Hixson, Charles Laney and Donna Phillips - fourth place, group craft

Activities Director Norma Kirkpatrick said she attributed residents' impressive wins to practice, giving them free rein, and a competitive spirit.

"I really pushed this year, and we sat down and I let them choose what they wanted to do," she said. "They practiced for months. Also, this year, we did crafts, which was something we hadn't done before [in the competition], and not only that, but they really wanted to beat Lacoba Nursing Home, because they had won First Place Overall every single year. We're excited and happy that our residents won."