Central Crossing celebrates last Friday cookout with Thompson

Wednesday, November 8, 2017
OJ Thompson grills burgers outside Central Crossing Senior Center in Shell Knob for the last ‘Friday cookout,’ which he has done once a month for the last five years at the Center. To thank him for his service and friendship, he was recognized with a plaque and cake. Thompson is past administrator of the Center. Contributed photo

OJ Thompson, former professional Bronco, former school superintendent and former Central Crossing Senior Center Administrator can add one more 'former' to his list of life's accomplishments: Former CCSC Grillmaster. On the last Friday of nearly every month for the last five years, OJ has selflessly given his time and talents to grilling brats, steaks, hot dogs and hamburgers for all of the hungry lunch-goers at Central Crossing Senior Center. 

Thompson's jovial nature and commitment to enhancing the lives of all who frequent CCSC have not gone unnoticed. Those attending the last official cookout thanked him for his many years of friendship by honoring him with a Denver Bronco's sheet cake (created by assistant cook, Rita Warner) and a plaque recognizing his culinary gifts, presented by Jerry Arnold, CEO of Shell Knob Seniors, Inc.

Thompson promised his friends at CCSC that he will be back from time to time, but as a patron enjoying the culinary efforts of others at the Center, who all thank Thompson for his many contributions.