Wildcats rack up conference honors

Wednesday, November 8, 2017
Wyatt Goade earned First Team All-Conference honors for his play at Linebacker this season. Kyle Troutman/editor@cassville-democrat.com

10 Cassville players named among Big 8 best

As the playoff season begins to wind down in Missouri, the first wave of awards is being released in the form of the Big 8 All-Conference football teams.

This season, the Wildcats had 10 players named to the prestigious list.

Cassville’s Garret Knight was named to the Big 8 All-Conference First Team as a defensive back this season. Kyle Troutman/editor@cassville-democrat.com

Receiving First Team honors for Cassville were D.J. White, receiver; Wyatt Goade, linebacker; and Garret Knight, defensive back.

Named to the Second Team were Anthony Tolbert, running back; Hunter Bailey, guard; and Shannon Haney, punter.

Honorable Mention Wildcats are Grant Davis, tackle; and Shannon

D.J. White earned First Team All-conference honors for his play at wide receiver this season for Cassville. Kyle Troutman/editor@cassville-democrat.com

The complete Big 8 All-Conference list is as follows:

Offensive Player of the Year: Cooper Lucas, Lamar

Defensive Player of the Year: T.W. Ayers, Lamar

Coach of the Year: Ryan McFarland, Seneca

First Team


Quarterback: John Dakota Lee, Aurora

Running back: Cooper Lucas, Lamar

Running back: Isrrael DeSantiago, McDonald County

Running back: Trey Wilson, Seneca

Wide receiver: Clayton Dunning, Aurora

Wide receiver: Andrew Montemayor, Mt. Vernon

Wide receiver: D.J. White, Cassville

Tight end: T.W. Ayers, Lamar

Tackle: Coy Butterworth, Monett

Tackle: Caleb Gouge, Lamar

Guard: Seth Fullerton, Lamar

Guard: Lane Fanning, Lamar

Guard: Elliott Wolfe, McDonald County

Center: Cameron Augusta, Lamar

All-Purpose: Michael Danner, Lamar

Kicker: Jayden Buttram, Mt. Vernon


Defensive end: Cooper Lucas, Lamar

Defensive end: T.W. Ayers, Lamar

Defensive tackle: Andrew Hillman, Lamar

Defensive tackle: Hunter Bayless, Lamar

Linebacker: Will Boswell, Mt. Vernon

Linebacker: Travis Bailey, Lamar

Linebacker: Wyatt Goade, Cassville

Linebacker: Kale Schrader, Seneca

Defensive back: Clayton Dunning, Aurora

Defensive back: Michael Danner, Lamar

Defensive back: Landon Hardman, Lamar

Defensive back: Max Roark, Seneca

Defensive back: Garret Knight, Cassville

Returner Specialist: Andrew Montemayor, Mt. Vernon

Punter: Peyton Barton, McDonald County

Second Team


Quarterback: Gavin Clouse, Seneca

Running back: Sammy Robinson, Mt. Vernon

Running back: Patrick Valentine, Monett

Running back: Anthony Tolbert, Cassville

Wide receiver: Dustin McDermott, East Newton

Wide receiver: Kennedy Hodson, McDonald County

Wide receiver: Max Roark, Seneca

Tight end: Kadin Clark, Aurora

Tackle: Andrew Hillman, Lamar

Tackle: Zac Whittlesey , East Newton

Guard: Eli Dodson, Seneca

Guard: Hunter Bailey, Cassville

Center: Laine Doty, Seneca

All-Purpose: Logan Lauffer, Aurora

Kicker: Nathan Wall, East Newton


Defensive end: Gavin Dunnam, Seneca

Defensive end: Coy Butterworth, Monett

Defensive tackle: Carson Dake, Mt. Vernon

Defensive tackle: Adam Long, Monett

Linebacker: Connor Savage, Aurora

Linebacker: J.D. Bishop, Lamar

Linebacker: Cole DelosSantos, McDonald County

Linebacker: Isrrael DeSantiago, McDonald County

Defensive back: Dylan Hill, Lamar

Defensive back: Oakley Roessler, McDonald County

Defensive back: Dawson Stephens, Seneca

Defensive back: Andrew Montemayor, Mt. Vernon

Returner Specialist: Landon Hardman, Lamar

Punter: Shannon Haney, Cassville

Honorable Mention


Quarterback: Stuart McKarus, Lamar

Running back: Trevor Medlin, Lamar

Running back: Cole Hatfield, Seneca

Running back: Brett Pendergraft, East Newton

Wide receiver: Chance Fenton, Mt. Vernon

Wide receiver: Jedd Anderson, Monett

Wide receiver: Ethan Johnston, Mt. Vernon

Tight end: Gavin Dunnam, Seneca

Tackle: Colton Hicks, Mt. Vernon

Tackle: Grant Davis, Cassville

Guard: Brendan Castleberry, Aurora

Guard: Carson Dake, Mt. Vernon

Center: Braydan Clouse, East Newton

Center: Luke McKenzie, Mt. Vernon

All-Purpose: Shannon Haney, Cassville

Kicker: Dylan Allison, McDonald County


Defensive end: Cayden Heisner, Mt. Vernon

Defensive end: Zack Burton, Cassville

Defensive tackle: Caleb Coffey, East Newton

Defensive tackle: Trey Black, McDonald County

Defensive tackle: Luke McKenzie, Mt. Vernon

Linebacker: Aaron Moenning, Lamar

Linebacker: David Roark, McDonald County

Linebacker: Harris Griffith, Seneca

Linebacker: Patrick Valentine, Monett

Defensive back: Brett Pendergraft, East Newton

Defensive back: Chance Fenton, Mt. Vernon

Defensive back: Braden Strahan, Cassville

Returner Specialist: Logan Lauffer, Aurora

Punter: Dawson Stephens, Seneca

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