Taco Bell/KFC closes for renovations

Wednesday, November 1, 2017
Taco Bell is currently undergoing renovations, which are expected to be complete in approximately a month. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), which was also housed in the restaurant, will not be returning. A representative from the advertising agency Williams/Crawford & Associates, said they were unable to comment on the renovations or KFCs departure at this time. Julia Kilmer/reporter@cassville-democrat.com

KFC being dropped from restaurant

Hungry residents may not be able to "run to the border" right now for their favorite Mexican fast food, but they will be able to in the near future, once Taco Bell finishes its renovations.

According to Kevin Smith, TMG Construction superintendent, Taco Bell will get a new look, with new bathrooms, new exterior colors and a change to the towers in front of the building, reflecting a single Taco Bell tower, with the KFC tower removed.

As part of the renovations, Smith said KFC, which was previously housed in the same restaurant, will not be returning.

Once renovations are complete, the building will have a look similar to other, stand-alone Taco Bell stores, Smith said, which are expected to tentatively wrap up in about a month.

K-MAC Enterprises, Inc. Director of Operations Joe White, and Denise Williams from Williams/Crawford & Associates advertising agency, declined to comment on the changes, but Williams indicated she will have more information on a future date.

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