October sales tax overall close to last year

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Big boost in Monett raises otherwise dipping tallies

Sales tax revenue to the bi-county area in October ran very similar to a year ago, down by 1 percent.

The total was evened by a big boost in Monett.

The seven Barry County cities collecting sales tax received $563,263.72, an increase of 2 percent over a year ago. Monett and Purdy were the only cities to show gains but it was enough to drive the total.

Cassville’s 1 percent tax for the general fund produced $71,766.45, down $7,359.37. Seligman’s 1 percent tax brought in $7,70.45, down $1,634.25 from last October. Wheaton’s 1 percent tax yielded $3,418.43, down $1,188.91. Exeter’s 1 percent tax produced $916.12, down $930.20, the fourth time in five months that the city’s revenue has fallen.

Monett’s two sales taxes delivering 1 percent to the general fund produced $179,460.21 in October, the biggest total for the month since 2003 and up $17,239.70 from a year ago, nearly 11 percent, erasing the red ink in September.

It was only the third time in the seven-month fiscal year that Monett’s totals have topped last year. The fiscal year sum of $1,174,335.63 is nonetheless running $25,000 ahead of last year’s pace. The 2017 calendar year sum of $1,665,095.13 is a little over $52,000 ahead of this point a year ago.

Purdy’s 1 percent tax supporting general bills yielded $5,065.70. Up $676.63 from a year ago, it was the second best October payout in the eight years Purdy has collected only one tax for the general fund.

The sum helped boost Purdy’s four-month fiscal year total to $22,734.10, more than $3,000 ahead of last year’s pace. Purdy’s 2017 sum of $53,195.82 is running about $1,200 ahead of last year’s pace.

Receipts in October showed one remarkable trait. Occasionally a town’s secondary taxes will produce the same amount to the penny. It’s unusual to have more than one city have a pair of half-cent taxes that match to the penny. This month half-percent taxes in Marionville, Mt. Vernon, Pierce City, Purdy, Seligman, Verona and Washburn, while different totals per town, had pairs that matched exactly to the penny, a phenomena that has never happened before.

Barry County’s two half-percent taxes each generated more than $178,468, up more than $1,548 from last October. The general fund tax has received $1,758,964.84 in 2017, up by nearly $96,000.

The tax supporting Barry County’s 911 service received $133,847.40. That was up $1,184.58 from a year ago, making the 2017 total $1,318,820.60, more than $16,000 ahead of last year’s pace.

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