Cassville police chief shares safety tips for Halloween

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Chief: ‘Let’s make sure as adults, we keep it safe’

Halloween is one of the most fun nights of the year for children, but it also carries some risks.

So, to keep it fun, and safe, Chief Dana Kammerlohr of the Cassville Police Department, offers the following practical tips for parents and guardians.

“Adults who are welcoming children to their home to trick or treat need to make sure their yard and porch is a safe area for young children to approach the door,” Kammerlohr said. “Remove any items that they could trip over and make sure the area is lighted. We caution using candles with any flame as they can catch costumes on fire.”

Kammerlohr said motorists should also drive extra careful and slow the evening of Halloween.

“Young children who are in costumes may not be able to see as well and may walk out in front of a vehicle,” she said. “Also, it will be dark and the trick or treaters may not be seen as they walk from house to house.”

Another big safety step is making sure young children are supervised by a responsible adult as they go from house to house.

“It is not recommended for them to be dropped off at one end of the block, then picked up down the street,” Kammerlohr said. “Walk with your child as they go from house to house.

“Parents should always check the candy before their child eats any pieces. It is recommended that the child be given a meal before they go out to trick or treat so they will be full and not tempted to sample as they go.”

Costumes should be taken into consideration.

“Make sure your child can see well,”Kammerlohr said. “Painted faces are recommended over a mask. If the costume is not reflective, you should put reflective tape or a glow stick or tape on the costume to make sure your child can be seen.

“Teach your child to call 911 or ask an adult to call 911 if they get separated from you.

Lastly, Kammerlohr shared well wishes.

“We hope that everyone has a fun and safe Halloween,” she said. “It is a fun and exciting evening for your children. Let’s make sure as adults that we make it safe for them.”

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