New care group starts for single moms

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Group to provide outreach and needed outlet for single moms

Single mothers have a place to go for support, adult social interaction (besides just the kids), and encouragement, now that a new care group just for them has kicked off in Cassville.

The group held its first meeting Oct. 9, and will meet the second Monday of each month from 5:30-7 p.m. at the Family Life Center, located at 200 West 5th Street.

The evening will include a mix of fellowship, practical skills topics, testimonies and a worship and devotional time. A meal and children’s activities will be provided.

The group is a joint partnership sponsored by both The Caring People and FBC.

According to FBC volunteer Jill Strother, The Caring People was started in Branson by a Herschend family member about 20 years ago to provide an outreach and hope to single mothers.

“One of their contacts who had been talking to our missions director, Jackie Hendrix, saw a good opportunity and know our church is mission-oriented, and we don’t think single moms’ needs are addressed enough,” Strother said. “There are not very many single moms in church, and we don’t want anyone to feel left out. Around here, there’s not much. There’s not a place for them to go to get help, whereas in the bigger cities, there are more resources.

“We were approached by The Caring People to start a group here because we thought there was a need and also, we’re just that kind of church. If we find out there’s a need in our community, we want to meet it. It’s not a fix-it program, it’s about building relationships in the community and making sure their social needs are met.”

Strother hopes that, eventually, a group will start in each rural community.

“We’re hoping it will spread to other communities, and members will eventually start their own Caring People groups, because moms need that resource close to them,” she said.

The group is faith-based, but non-denominational. Attendees do not have to attend FBC, be Baptist, or even attend church to come to the group and get encouragement, a meal and a little respite from the demands of motherhood.

“Anyone is welcome. It’s not limited to one church. You’re going to hear scripture, but it is not going to be pushed. However, it is our deep belief that your life is going to go better if you have a Savior. We had several ladies from our first meeting ask for Bibles who didn’t have one, and we can provide one if needed.”

Child care is provided, so there are no worries with moms scrambling to find a sitter, and it will be fun for the children, too.

“We all agree that we don’t just want children babysat, we want moms to feel that their child is just as excited as they are to come,” Strother said. “We want them to do a craft, class or other activity and really engage them.”

Topic ideas are being discussed, and moms were given a survey at the first meeting and asked what types of topics they’d like to see featured, such as cooking, budgeting or discipline.

For more information about the group, people may call Hendrix or Jeanna Jones, children’s director, at 417-847-2965.

For more information about The Caring People organization, people may call Karen Stone, regional rep at 573-825-2869, or email

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