Letter to the Editor

Steven Vaughan: Cassville grad reminded of hometown greatness

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Dear Editor:

It is said you never know what you have until you lose it.

Let me explain. I came back to Cassville for our 40th class reunion, not really thinking I had really lost anything after leaving.

I grew up walking in Flat Creek. I enjoyed it very much.

So, now at age 59, I was wondering what I would do when I got back home, maybe just come sit around town and watch cars. Nope! I jumped right down there in Flat Creek and took off walking again. I didn't find anything in the creek, but I did find something else.

As I stood there in the creek, I looked east, and I thought — my mom, my dad, and all of my grandparents are buried on top of that hill. At that moment, I heard church bells from town to my playing "All to Thee I Owe," then it hit me of how blessed this community really is.

There are places that some people would be offended by those bells. I just want to say how blessed you are to live here in these wonderful Ozark hills.

We had a great time seeing our friends after all these years, and yes, we were the class that put Hot and Cold on Cassville’s water towers! Thank you Cassville for giving back to me what I never knew I lost.

Steven Vaughan, son of the late Charles and Joyce Vaughan and Oklahoma District 37 State Rep.

Ponca City, Okla.