Concessions raise over $10K this season

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Funds used to purchase items for athletic programs

Concessions are a necessity at high school sporting events, and the food and drinks sold at Wildcat Stadium during home football games have added thousands of dollars to the athletic programs' coffers.

In just the three home games this season prior to Friday's Aurora matchup, the concession stand has sold $10,880.18 worth of hamburgers, drinks, popcorn and candy.

Richard Asbill, superintendent of Cassville schools, said the funds are used to support all the district's athletic programs. One of the biggest benefits for the teams is a deal with Agile Sports for access to Hudl. The $3,199 package includes video editing and analysis, including other teams' game films, for boys and girls basketball, volleyball, softball, baseball, soccer and wrestling. A "play tools" package of practice scripts and playbook tools is included, as well as online video editing and analysis and coaching tools for the football team. The athletes have access to game film from anywhere and on multiple devices.

The concessions account also paid for the Hudl Sideline 2017 Plus package. At a cost of $1,200, the district received numerous technology benefits used by the Wildcats football squad, including wireless internet access points at the sideline and press box, two wireless bridge antennas, a streaming kit, a window mount, an HDMI splitter, a battery, press box and end zone angle review, recording with an iPad or iPhone, tools to ODK and flag, automatic intercuts and seamless uploads to Hudl and standard support.

To utilize the Sideline 2017 Plus package, the district has three iPads paid for through the football activity account. Two were purchased last year, and the third was purchased this year through Amazon for $449.98

"This is an account like FFA, FBLA, FCCLA, etc., where groups raise money and deposit into the account for program use," Asbill said. "The school manages the account, but these are not school district taxpayer funds. Groups like football and band sell the Wildcat Cards that have discounts at local businesses, and [Athletic Director] Doug [Martin] uses those funds to buy things that are out of the scope of what the school board wishes to approve."

According to the activity account’s revenue and expenditure report, Wildcat Cards, sold at $10 each, account for more than $7,520 in revenue this year. Camp fees also bolster the fund, as the William Jewel camp costs the district $11,190 to attend. Private donations from local businesses, like Les Jacobs Ford, also add to the revenues.

Asbill said donations from individuals are not accepted for the activity fund. Individuals may instead donate to the Mike and Larry Dickson Memorial Fund, which helps players pay their camp fees and occasionally buys cleats for players who need them.

Along with concessions and fundraisers, the district budgets about $12,000 to $15,000 per year for athletic capital purchases, used for things like the new wrestling mats at the high school gym.

Beyond those three funds used for athletics, Cassville enjoys getting numerous free items via a three-year deal with Coca-Cola made in March 2016. Martin said Coca-Cola and its subsidiary Powerade provide $1,000 in free sideline equipment each year.

"This year, we have received water coolers, water bottles, drinking cups, 2- and 5-gallon ice containers, a cart to transport ice and water, and Powerade powder for mixing in the water," Asbill said. "In the past, like last year, Coke gave us new fridge coolers for the concession stands at each location to store water, Coke products, and candy stuffs."

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