Exeter PAT teachers youngsters about vehicles

Wednesday, October 4, 2017
For its September meeting, the Exeter Parents as Teachers group, volunteers brought vehicles from the community to teach children about “things that go,” giving children the chance to climb aboard 20 different vehicles. In photo, youngsters learned about helicopters and how they save peoples’ lives, thanks to Mercy LifeLine. Contributed photo

'Things that go' come to school district

On Sept. 23, the Exeter Parents as Teachers Program held its monthly group connection meeting.

This month, they featured "things that go." During the event, children were able to climb aboard and explore 20 different vehicles. Some of the vehicles included were the Exeter fire truck, a MoDOT truck, a Mercy ambulance and the Mercy LifeLine helicopter.

Gabriel Van den Mooter learns about motorcycles and other vehicles used in everyday life such as firetrucks, helicopters and utility trucks, at the Exeter Parents as Teachers meeting on Sept. 23. During the event, children were able to climb aboard and explore 20 different vehicles. Contributed photo

The event provided an opportunity for the children to understand the world around them, and their place in it. Early childhood has been recognized as a period when investments in healthy development increase a child's readiness to succeed in school and in life.

The Exeter Parents as Teachers home visiting program provides a system of care for families and young children and holds a vision where all children will learn, grow, develop and reach their full potential, and recognizes parents as their first and best teachers.

The group would like to express thanks to all volunteers who helped make the day a success, and to all of the individuals and organizations who brought vehicles for the children to explore.

Knox Clemons is content sitting on his dad Brandon Clemon’s lap in a firetruck, during Exeter’s Parents as Teachers group meeting on Sept. 23, which featured 20 different vehicles from the community for children to learn about. Keith Hayworth with the Exeter Fire Department brought the firetruck. Contributed photo

For more information on enrolling a child into program, parents may contact Stephanie Crumpler at 417-835-2922, or by email at scrumpler@exeter.k12.mo.us.