Cassville intermediate project nearly done

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Contractor completing punch list items in flooded rooms

More than a year-and-a-half after the fifth-grade rooms at Cassville Intermediate School flooded, the project to get things back in order and return students to normal classrooms is nearly complete.

Richard Asbill, Cassville superintendent, said contractors are finishing the final punch list items on the interior, such as floor tiles, cabinetry and ceiling tiles. All the ceiling tiles had to be replaced, as experts warned the old ones being stored in a non-temperature controlled storage atmosphere could lead to mold problems later, and recent mold testing showed the area has extremely low mold.

"Once [punch-list items are] complete, they will turn the building over to the district and our custodial staff will do a full scrubbing and wax the floors," Asbill said. "As for the exterior, the three pier wells are done. They are digging the connecting lines and putting in a backup generator for the sump pump system."

Asbill said the finishing work will be putting concrete caps on the pier wells, and after that, landscaping is all that's left.

The project was scheduled to be finished on Aug. 1, but the addition of a third pier well compelled the district to move the completion date back to Sept. 1.

"We understand there would be some needs adding that scope of work," Asbill said.

The district does, however, get $1,500 per day in liquidated damages, including weekends, off the final project cost for each day after Sept. 1 the crews are still working.

"The district has the opportunity, ability and contractual right to assert liquidated damages for schedule overruns," Asbill said. "We will evaluate that for each part of the project."

Asbill said by Oct. 1, everything should be done, which would allow students and teachers to return to the rooms in mid-October.

"We'll have a transition plan and teachers can evaluate their moving options," he said. "We want fifth grade back in those classrooms by the end of October."

After some change orders over the summer, the final cost of the project came in at $1,975,072, and Asbill said about $1.5 million will be reimbursed by insurance. The district will also be on the hook for another about $1.5 million, which includes costs like mitigation work, contents of the building, demolition, engineering fees, architect fees, storage of old contents and more.

"We are also in an appeal with FEMA," Asbill said. "They've requested additional information from us twice, and we've submitted that. They've determined we are eligible, but are still trying to determine funding assistance."

In December 2015, the intermediate school had 2-3 inches of water come into the building following a heavy rain, affecting a total of 10 rooms, including six fifth-grade classrooms, an English Language Learners classroom and the nurse’s office.

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