Cassville technology initiative continues to expand

Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Second-grade students Jasmine Reed and Airi Messberger team up to complete an assignment on their new Google Chromebooks, which the Cassville school district recently made available to them. Contributed photo

Elementary classes get own sets of Chromebooks

Believing technology in the classroom is no longer a luxury, but a necessity, Cassville schools said it is taking steps to continue to expand the use and availability of technology to students.

To that end, beginning this year, first- and second-grade classrooms now have their own sets of Google Chromebooks.

Second-grade student Ian Quick works on his new Google Chromebook in class. Contributed photo

“In previous years, our elementary students have had access to laptop carts, including both laptops and iPads, this year, however, marks the first year every first and second grade classroom is fully equipped with their own classroom set of Google Chromebooks,” said Richard Asbill, Cassville superintendent.

As students at Cassville High School transition to new devices, the district is able to take advantage of the device turnover and provide updated technology to younger students. First and second grade teachers are using the addition of Chromebooks in their classrooms in the following ways:

• Composing sentences electronically

From left, Cassville Primary School students Jaxon Winfrey, Wyatt Privett and Alexandra Holycross enjoying completing classwork on their new Google Chromebooks in a group setting. Contributed photo

• Building upon typing and spelling skills

• Practicing learned skills in a game-type format

• Completing literacy and math labs

Elementary children will not be permitted to take their devices out of the classroom.

“By adding classroom Chromebooks, our students are expanding content knowledge through a 21st Century medium,” said Catherine Weaver, Eunice Thomas Elementary principal. “Using technology is a lifelong skill that will be vital for our students to have mastered when they enter the workforce.”

“While this is an exciting step for our district, we also realize this work is not complete,” Asbill said. "Providing updated technology is an ongoing initiative that our Board of Education, administrators and staff believe is imperative in providing the best education that we can to our students.”