Top-4 district seed awaits Cassville

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Cassville aims to lock up home playoff game

For some Class 3, District 4 football teams, the playoff fate is sealed.

Currently the rankings are: Seneca, Mt. Vernon, Reeds Spring, Cassville, Aurora, Monett, Hollister and East Newton.

For the bottom three teams, they have no chance to host a playoff game. Where they will travel, however, is still anyone’s guess.

This week will go a long way toward clearing up the murky picture.

Cassville for instance, still has a chance to obtain the No. 1 district seed, or the Wildcats could fall as low as the No. 5 seed and be forced to fight for a district title on the road.

A win against the Indians would go a long way toward securing a home playoff game, but still would not guarantee one.

The scenario that must unfold for the Wildcats to obtain the top seed is, first, win all three remaining games against Seneca, Aurora and Mt. Vernon and do so by at least 13 points in each contest to get the extra district bonus point.

Secondly, they need Reeds Spring to lose.

The Wolves have Marshfield, Buffalo and Springfield Catholic left on the schedule. The Catholic game is the most likely help there.

It is imperative that the Wildcats over take the Wolves in points, they currently trail by 2.32. Reeds Spring will get a bonus point for playing up this week. A team can only use the automatic flip rule once, and Cassville will need that to leap Seneca.

Thirdly, Mt. Vernon needs to falter. With Aurora, Lamar and the Wildcats left on its schedule, losing two out of three games is not a far-fetched notion.

Should all three steps occur, Cassville would bump to the second seed and trail Seneca by fractions of a point. However, the automatic flip rule due to the head-to-head win over the Indians would mean that the playoff road would run through the southern Barry County community.

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